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Destin Area Weather

The best time to visit Destin and neighboring 30A and Miramar Beach is April and May when the sun is shining, the temperatures are comfortable and a dip in the Gulf of Mexico is refreshing! Visiting prior to April means cooler weather, where you'll definitely want to pack in layers.

June through to September are typically the hottest months and the most crowded. Visiting in the fall means escaping the crowds however the rainier weather may keep you indoors and winter time guests can expect lower rates and cooler temperatures.

No matter when you visit and no matter the weather, there is always something to do near Miramar Beach vacation rentals, things to see and enjoy.

Seasonal Temperatures

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average High 61 63 68 74 82 87 89 89 76 79 70 62
Average Low 45 47 53 60 68 75 77 76 72 63 54 47